Literature Input and Review for Members of Narcotics Anonymous®

"We carry the message of recovery through writing our own literature."

Lit Review

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What is Literature Input and Review?
We write our own Story
By writing our own story concerning our recovery experience, we are able to carry the message through our literature. Our common welfare is always being rediscovered by this process and thus our program grows and evolves. The true meaning of Principles before Personalities comes to light as we come together for the common good of our fellowship. Our process for Literature production has been ever changing and growing, especially with the advancement of technology. Please visit these links to learn how your recovery is needed to continue to carry the message through our Literature Process. All Members are welcome and needed to participate.

A member may not realize that participation with the literature process is a very necessary part of "Being of Service". Some members have pre-judged themselves as not worthy to contribute. This is a very common miss-conception. As each one of us has value when sharing at an NA meeting, the value of what we produce in writing is no different. When we carry the message that no one need ever die from the horrors of addiction; that hope turns into the reality of no longer living the nightmare; our written word is only of value as it continues to be written by its own members.

When our members input has been compiled and produced into review form then it is our responsibility as members to review this material before publication. The first link is to the Home Page of the current project. This page is providing all information necessary for our participation. The second link is to other projects and surveys that also provides a place to participate.